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A Message from Council Member Kelly Takaya King

Today, as I reflect on the past two months’ journey to bring more light, love and vision to the office of the Mayor, I send huge mahalos to everyone who participated actively and/or donated to the cause. It was disappointing to fall short after putting our all into the effort; but our message is strong, and we must continue to look for opportunities to focus on 'āina-based solutions for Maui Nui.

Maui will always be a special place, rooted in our host culture. However, as much as the importance of ‘āina and wai are continually espoused by our politicians, it is not always followed up by action. Economic interests deny that the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around! We must keep fighting to get out the vote as the only way we can make the changes needed to honor our commitments to the next generation, and I vow to keep focused on the climate and environmental changes the Council can make through the end of my term. Please join me in these efforts by participating in the CARE committee this week to help us pass the wetland protection/restoration bill on Wednesday, August 17 (starting at 9am).

To those who stepped up as our core team, most especially Campaign Manager Michelle Del Rosario, please know that your commitment and presence made the difference that got us to third place in a race of 8 candidates! I hope you are proud of the growing voice of enlightenment you have amplified. And I hope many of you will turn your efforts to helping to elect other progressive candidates in office. Robin Knox and Nara Boone are two of Maui Nui’s most promising new council candidates, and it is critical that they increase their campaign teams for the general election.

One of my team wrote to me that it was an honor representing my candidacy and serving our campaign, and I feel the same – it was an honor to be called to service and to have so many great citizens of Maui step up to be part of team King. If I could name names without fear of leaving someone out, I’d acknowledge each and every supporter. For now, my deepest gratitude to all who joined our fight for the future, many thanks to the thousands who voted for the vision, and mahalo to those who stay involved to now help the candidates also committed to a more caring, equitable and transparent county government.

Today, I rest and reflect with gratitude … tomorrow I dive back into my Council work!

With love and aloha,



@KellyKingforMaui  #KellyKingForMayor

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