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Climate Solutions

My interest in Environmental issues began many years ago before Climate Change was so widely recognized as a priority requiring immediate action. My husband and I just celebrated the 25th Anniversary of our company, Pacific Biodiesel. Throughout its history, Pacific Biodiesel’s mission has remained constant: to promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels. Learn more

Over the years, I've expanded my interest in preservation and sustainability to include mitigating the destructive forces of Climate Change to our islands. I'm also working toward additional clean energy solutions that go beyond the production of biofuel. We must wean ourselves away from oil-powered energy plants that require imported fuel so that we are truly self-sustaining.


Climate Action and Resilience Committee Chair

Together with committee members, I am able to bring this very important issue to the forefront, giving it the focus it needs in Maui County Policy. I recently proposed a bill that directs the Maui, Lana'i, and Moloka'i Planning Commissions will establish specific recommendations regarding Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Agriculture for inclusion in the Maui Countywide Policy Plan. This very important first step formalizes the establishment of this goal according to the Maui County Charter. Learn more


Local and State Legislation working together

The Climate Action and Resilience Committee will bring in the specific information that has been lacking with regards to Hawaii state legislation and emerging technologies, and the committee is currently looking at other counties across the country for examples of policy and ordinance changes to address these issues.



Shoreline Erosion

The affected Kahana properties that are experiencing erosion have taught us a lot about potential solutions that can be created and funded by property owners. The council has funded shoreline/erosion studies, which we still await, but I think the first step is to stop building in the known SLR/storm surge inundation areas.

We need to begin discussions among affected neighborhood landowners to create plans similar to what the “Kahana 9” are working on. There should also be a recognition that some properties will experience losses that cannot be mitigated and this needs to be disclosed to potential buyers.


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