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Environmental Protection

My interest in Environmental Protection goes back over 25  years when my husband and I formed Pacific Biodiesel. Recycling is a part of environmental protection as well.


As Chair of the Climate Change and Resilience Committee, I am helping to establish the goal of environmental preservation as an important goal mandated by the Maui Countywide Plan. I'm expecting the Council to approve this change once we receive input from all three islands of Maui County.

The CAR committee has a broad area of responsibility that affects much of the choices and decisions made in managing Maui County. I am committed to providing thorough input and seeking the greatest degree of collaboration with others. The goal of our Committee is that Maui County and its residents are prepared for the challenges of the future!

Areas of concentration for me are:

  • Shoreline erosion

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Recycling

  • Shoreline setbacks

  • preservation

  • Wetlands restoration

  • Water distribution

  • Maintaining our sand mining moratorium

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